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NCL Launches New Site Suitability Indicator (SSI) For New Residential Development


NCL has launched its Site Suitability Indicator (SSI), a freely available online resource which aims to help provide noise practitioners, developers, and Local Planning Authorities with an initial understanding of the suitability of sites in England for new residential development from a noise perspective.

Noise Consultants Limited has developed the Site Suitability Indicator (SSI) using data prepared by Defra as part of the Round 3 strategic noise mapping process. The SSI adopts industry advocated site risk criteria to inform an initial assessment of site suitability.

The SSI can be used to:

  • Provide information to inform an understanding of a site's acoustic environment;

  • Assist in the identification of relatively noisier sites; and

  • Present noise information that can complement an understanding of a site's acoustic environment and act as an early indicator of its potential suitability for new residential development from a noise perspective.

Using the coding developed for the SSI, NCL are working with AQC and LCL to expand the geographic datasets to show additional environmental information and features, thus developing a resource that can be used across other sectors and also promote the technical work of the Group.


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