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GIS Services

Building on our noise and vibration modelling expertise, and our wider service portfolio, we offer specialist GIS services that can assist in identifying the scale, location and effects of noise and vibration on sensitive receptors.

These services include:

Noise Mapping and Publishing – presenting noise exposure using cartographic, interactive and online mapping tools. We have tools that allow noise exposure information to be made more accessible through tools such as Google Earth;

Noise Effect and Monetisation (WebTAG) Outcomes – the calculation of noise effect outcomes using dose-response relationships to identify how conditions, developments or infrastructure may be affecting human health. This is an increasingly important area within the context of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and noise policy. Our tools can be used to assist with Health Impact Assessments.

Visualisation – presenting noise exposure information beyond simple noise contours and tables including 3D views, presentation of non-acoustic information alongside noise outcomes and noise event simulations; and

Data Processing – development of workflows and processes that enable forms of digital data used to generate noise exposure to be used in modelling and analysis. This includes datasets such as noise complaint histories, flight tracks, diurnal operating patterns, social surveys and demographic datasets.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Case Studies

We have worked with the team at Noise Consultants for many years and have always found them to be knowledgeable, professional, and responsive to our needs. We can rely on them to deliver high quality noise impact assessments and to devise noise mitigation schemes that are practical and cost-effective.

Stuart Watcham, Director, Technia Environment and Planning Ltd

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