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Noise Mapping

Noise mapping is an extremely helpful tool in understanding how populations and locations of interest are affected by noise

This information is now being used by government and local authorities as a scoping tool and can be used to quantify health outcomes using dose-response relationships. It has also become a key driving factor in the development of local and national noise policies. Strategic noise mapping and the preparation of Noise Action Plans are required every 5 years under European legislation. Away from legislative requirements, noise mapping is becoming an approach that is readily adopted in the description and quantification of baseline conditions as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Noise Consultants have the noise modelling and GIS capabilities to prepare and analyse noise maps at a local and national level.

Noise Mapping Case Studies

Absolutely delighted to secure unanimous planning approval for our Curzon Street student accommodation scheme in Birmingham. Huge thanks to Noise Consultants and Air Quality Consultants for overcoming noise and air quality concerns. A ground-breaking scheme in a number of ways.

Gareth Hooper, Chief Executive Officer, DPP planning

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