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We have experience in undertaking noise measurements of a variety of sources.

Detailed measurement work is often required when information about a noise source is not readily available and is required for assessment purposes, or where an understanding of the noise and/or vibration being emitted by a source is necessary for demonstrating design or planning compliance or for investigating complaints.

Our measurement services are tailor made to the end-requirement. Our consultants have been involved in designing noise measurement surveys for sources such as aircraft, military activities and noise nuisance cases. We have access to the latest noise and vibration instrumentation and stipulate where such work will be needed to meet our client’s requirements.

We have worked with the team at Noise Consultants for many years and have always found them to be knowledgeable, professional, and responsive to our needs. We can rely on them to deliver high quality noise impact assessments and to devise noise mitigation schemes that are practical and cost-effective.

Stuart Watcham, Director, Technia Environment and Planning Ltd

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