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Environmental Impact Assessment

Our consultants have significant experience of assessing noise and vibration effects under the The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 (the EIA Regulations).

Assessment under the EIA Regulations is required for developments of a certain size and/or type that are likely to give rise to either significant adverse or beneficial effects. The Regulations require an Environmental Statement to be prepared identifying the likely significant effects of the development in the context of:

  • Relevant policies and guidance;
  • The baseline sound environment;
  • The likely noise impact, determined through modelling; and
  • Embedded mitigation.

Where residential significant effects are identified, the ES needs to identify further mitigation measures.

Our consultants have experience of preparing ES Chapters for some of the UK’s major infrastructure projects along with other strategic regional developments, working part of wider topic teams. Our experience includes the following sectors and developments:

  • Aviation;
  • Wind;
  • Housing; and
  • Energy.

Environmental Impact Assessment Case Studies

Absolutely delighted to secure unanimous planning approval for our Curzon Street student accommodation scheme in Birmingham. Huge thanks to Noise Consultants and Air Quality Consultants for overcoming noise and air quality concerns. A ground-breaking scheme in a number of ways.

Gareth Hooper, Chief Executive Officer, DPP planning

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