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Experts in noise and vibration

Noise Consultants

Noise Consultants Ltd provides independent expert advice and assessments covering all aspects of environmental noise and vibration. 

Our consultants have experience in providing expert advice across project lifecycles, across a range of sectors and for some of the UK’s most significant infrastructure projects. 

We have specialist skills and services in areas such as aviation, planning and development, and in policy and government support. We also provide leading expertise in noise and vibration modelling and measurement.

We pride ourselves on delivering robust and innovative work to our clients and customers in both the private and public sectors.









Services for

Noise Consultants provides comprehensive services relating to modelling, monitoring and assessment of environmetal noise 
and vibration.


We have extensive experience of providing noise and vibration services to UK and International Airports.


Planners and Developers

Noise Consultants has experience in working for planners and developers across a range of sectors.


Industrial Operators

Industrial noise can be a significant issue for operators, particularly where sites bound sensitive uses such as housing.


Local Authority &  Government

We provide a range of noise and vibration services to Local Authorities and Government agencies.


Wind & Renewables

Our consultants have significant experience in renewable energy schemes, with a particular focus on wind farms. 


Absolutely delighted to secure unanimous planning approval for our Curzon Street student accommodation scheme in Birmingham. Huge thanks to Noise Consultants and Air Quality Consultants for overcoming noise and air quality concerns. A ground-breaking scheme in a number of ways.

Gareth Hooper, Chief Executive Officer, DPP planning


Noise Consultants provides a comprehensive service relating to modelling, measurement and monitoring of noise and vibration.

Air Quality Consultants

Our sister company Air Quality Consultants provides a comprehensive service relating to modelling, monitoring and assessment of air quality.


Latest News

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