We are experts in airport noise management and assessment. Our consultants have extensive experience of providing noise and vibration services to UK and International Airports in managing their noise impacts through the consenting and regulatory processes through to their day-to-day operation.

Our experience includes:

  • Environmental Assessments for airport developments including:
    • New and Extended Ground Infrastructure such as taxiways, terminal buildings and MRO facilities
    • Airspace changes (including assessment conforming to CAP1616)
    • Options for Mitigation and Restriction including appraisal and procedures under EU598
  • Aircraft noise design inputs and support to airspace change promoters
  • Regulatory Compliance including the preparation of Strategic Noise Maps and Airport Noise Action Plans
  • Expert representation
  • Research and Innovation Projects
  • Noise modelling of aircraft air and ground operations
  • Measurement of specific activities for modelling and complaint investigation
  • Temporary monitoring and support to airports in analysing monitoring and Noise and Track Keeping (NTK) data
  • Support and Technical Advice to decision makers and local authorities

We are innovators in this sector and have developed a number of bespoke tools to support and enhance the modelling and analysis of airport noise. Our tools are compatible with commercial software tools, including AEDT and LimA. These tools include our OnTrack system that allows actual aircraft flight tracks to be modelled within AEDT. This tool requires access to an Airport’s flight track data or radar feeds, allowing models to be prepared for any time period or metric. We also have bespoke tools allowing aircraft ground noise to be modelled in parallel with air emissions.